Getting Involved With CCLC

Clarendon Christian Learning Center is always interested in finding people willing to invest personally or financially in the spiritual growth of kids. The work of volunteers and donors allows this ministry to continue to impact students in Clarendon County. Give us a call to schedule a convenient time for you to be involved!


The following is a list of various ways others have shown their love for CCLC students.  Perhaps it will spark an idea for your involvement!


  Give Your Talents

  • ​Minor repairs & maintenance

  • Lawn care

  • Technical assistance (website, Facebook)


  Give Your Time

  • Plan and host an event, such as a yard sale, BBQ sale, turkey shoot, etc. (proceeds benefit CCLC)

  • Assist with crafts

  • Share personal testimony or your musical gift

  • Chaperone a field trip

  • Help with the annual prayer walk and/or walk with us

  Give Supplies

  • Donate craft supplies (discarded ribbon, old CDs, buttons, etc.), office supplies, cleaning supplies

  • Provide cupcakes or cookies and drinks for class parties

  • Honor a second-grader with a Hands-On Bible (These age-appropriate Bibles are given to all second-graders in the spring. Cost is usually around $14.00 per Bible.)


  Give Financially

  • Provide financial assistance for field trips, particularly out-of-town trips. (We have to charter a bus to go to North Carolina to work at Operation Christmas Child and the Billy Graham Library; some students are not able to pay the fee. Cost varies from year to year.)

Be creative!

Give us a call. Join us in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
to the young people in Clarendon County.


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