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What We Do

High school students are

offered one elective credit

per semester

(up to two credits total)

for successful completion

of Bible class.

Clarendon Christian Learning Center prides itself on working in tandem with the various schools in Clarendon County.


We work with each principal to determine the appropriate schedule for their students. We adhere to the guidelines set forth by the US Department of Education and our endeavor is to complement the work of our local school system.


CCLC is an affiliate of School Ministries, a national organization dedicated to serving church and community through a released time Bible education program (RTBE).


Our curriculum supports the character development initiative implemented in our district, and challenges young people to be intentional about their personal spiritual growth and maturity.

Manning Primary

Our youngest classes consist of second and third-graders. Children are guided from their school to our location across the street one day per week during either art or music.


The Route 52 curriculum we use introduces children to both the Old and New Testament.

To learn more about Route 52, click here.

Manning Elementary

A bus is provided to take children in grades four through six from the school to the classroom nearby.


Elementary age students study the children's version of the Firm Foundations literature. For more information, click here.

Manning High School

In accordance with the South Carolina Released Time Credit Act, high school students can receive up to two high school credits for release time classes! There is one class offered on the Old Testament and one on the New Testament. Our location is directly adjacent to the school campus, allowing students to easily walk over for class.


Firm Foundations materials are the curriculum used for our high school classes (grades nine through twelve). While our younger classes study more general overarching themes in the Bible, older students dig more deeply into Scripture. For more information, click here.

East Clarendon Middle & High Schools

In 2015, Clarendon District 3 Board members adopted a new policy opening the doors for released time Bible education (RTBE) and “Bible for credit” high school classes. CCLC representatives Erie Brown and Kim DuRant made a formal presentation to the District 3 Board detailing the benefits of RTBE. After much prayer and brainstorming within the community, Maxie Knowlton represented citizens from various local churches in presenting the formal request for approval.


Two local churches within walking distance from the high school and junior high agreed to host classes and and a pilot program began in January 2016.  CCLC now serves East Clarendon Middle School students (6th-8th graders) and East Clarendon High students (9th-12th graders).  

Walker Gamble Elementary

Walker Gamble Elementary School students (grades 4-5) began classes in January 2018  walking to the CCLC classroom on property adjacent to the school. The following year third graders were added.  Curriculum includes Answers in Genesis and Firm Foundations for elementary students.

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