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2015 Volunteer of the Year!

Elizabeth Coleman, volunteer of the year, and a CCLC student.

Elizabeth Coleman (pictured above) assists Brenda Marlowe with second and third grade classes and was recognized as CCLC 2015 Volunteer of the Year! A 2014 graduate of MHS, Elizabeth regularly attended CCLC over the course of her education, including her senior year in which she also participated in the School to Work transition program by serving as a CCLC volunteer. She returned in the fall as an adult volunteer and continues to assist the primary students three days a week.

While Elizabeth is in the classroom on a weekly basis, countless others have blessed this ministry with their unique gifts. Church groups, youth groups, various businesses, and individuals share expertise and energy! Opportunities abound! Check out our Get Involved page to see how you can become a part of Clarendon Christian Learning Center.

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