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School’s out! So what do you do all summer at CCLC???

This is a common question beginning in May and repeated during the summer months. Here is the short list:

  • Administration: Bookkeeping, recordkeeping, preparation for upcoming school year, upgrading, restocking, etc.

  • Maintenance: Building repair, grounds maintenance, bus repairs

  • Finances: Summer months are “catch up” months for CCLC. We are able to pay annual premiums and membership fees while operational costs are minimalized.

  • Expansion: We are in the process of purchasing land adjacent to Walker-Gamble Elementary and preparing to serve MECC Montessori second graders.

  • Development: Building relationships with the Clarendon County community to sustain a ministry to 850 public school students with the hope of serving over 1200 by 2020. This is accomplished by visiting churches and organizations open to our message, as well as, calling on business and individuals.

  • Marketing: Creating promotional tools and maintaining social media.

  • Operations: Assessing previous year and planning upcoming year by working with schools on scheduling and enrollment.

  • Prayers: The success of CCLC can only be contributed to a great and awesome God who commands His children to “pray without ceasing” and promises that “the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much”.

Hope this is helpful and possibly inspires you to:

  • Pray with and for us.

  • Invite us to speak to your church, Sunday school class, men’s group, civic organization, etc.

  • Send monthly financial support! Mail a check, electronic funds transfer (bank draft), Paypal or credit card on line.

  • Tell a friend about CCLC. Encourage students to sign up & adults to pray and give.

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