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A Jolly Report - Praise for Prayer!

Prayer requests are one thing, but prayer requests in faith are something altogether different. A 5th grade CCLC - Walker Gamble Elementary class has learned this through a recent answered prayer.

Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. 1 John 5:14

Dec. 12 Rev. Robert Jolly asked if anyone in his class would pray for a church member who was undergoing heart surgery the next day. Imani Makell (pictured) volunteered. She paused asking, “Now, tell me his name again.”

Rev. Jolly explained that the man’s name was Mr. Ray Sealey and that he was having a heart operation. She prayed simply asking that God would be with Mr. Ray and make him well. The class joined in the prayer Imani led.

Rev. Jolly sent Imani’s picture to the Sealeys who were already at MUSC for pre-op procedures, explaining that this young lady prayed for Ray. The Sealeys responded at once overjoyed with the picture and prayer saying, “This makes us feel so good because we know God listens to children.”

As it turned out, the surgeon was unable to use the robotic equipment as he planned and had to go with a more invasive open-heart surgery. The operation was scheduled to last 4 to 5 hours. Rev. Jolly, who was sitting with Mrs. Sealey, began to notice that she was becoming nervous when the surgery went past 7 hours with no report. Finally, after almost 9 hours, they received a report from the surgeon that there was a problem. The heart repair went well; however, Mr. Sealey’s heart would not start back beating on its own. Mr. Ray would be kept alive by a special machine for 5 days.

The following Wednesday, Rev. Jolly updated his CCLC class that Mr. Ray was having some complications, and they needed to continue to pray. The class decided to make a card and sign it.

Mrs. Sealey wept tears of joy when she received the card. By that time, Mr. Ray was off the special machine, and he was beginning to show signs of gradual improvement. Mr. Ray came home Dec. 30. His first request was to thank CCLC at WGE for their prayers and encouragement.

On Jan. 6, Ray and Christi Sealey (pictured left) came to Rev. Jolly’s class to thank the class but more importantly to praise God for answering their prayers. Mr. Sealey shared that he could feel their prayers even when unconscious. Mrs. Sealey said that their card strengthened her faith. The Sealeys gave praise to God for answering the prayer of a fifth grade CCLC class, and the class learned to praise God for answered prayer.

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