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7 - A Perfect Number

At CCLC, "7" is a really cool number. Perfect? I'll let you decide.

Here's what's happening on both sides of Black River Swamp with our SEVENTH graders!

District 3:

Recently, CCLC teacher, Mrs. Frankie, through an interesting turn of events, found herself witnessing to a distraught woman in distressing circumstances. The woman responded by asking the Lord Jesus into her life. The timing (God's timing) just "happened" to be at the beginning of her seventh graders class. The place was next door to our classroom. When Mrs. Frankie came over to get the woman a Bible, the 7th grade students, aware that something was "up" began questioning. When they realized what was going on, they wanted a part of the action! Mrs. Frankie allowed them to meet the woman. They introduced themselves and welcomed her into the family of believers.

Some offered to pray for her. What a "perfect" way to put what we teach at CCLC into action!

District 2:

While subbing for Pastor Walt yesterday, I (Erie) had the students offer sentence prayers after we had talked about our requests. One student had been praying all week for his grandfather who was on a ventilator after some medical problems became serious. Today, when the class came in, someone asked, "Can we do that again?" At first I wasn't sure what they were talking about. Then he said, "The sentence prayers!"

"Of course we can!!!" Do you know what a hurdle it is to get ADULTS to pray aloud? And best of all, we had a huge PRAISE to start with - the granddad came off the vent and was able to talk to this grandson on the phone last night!!

Additionally, one of the students thanked the Lord for the successful surgery done on his basketball buddy. This buddy is in District 3 and he has been covered in prayer by his District 3 schoolmates as well!

God is at work in our county! Let's pray that all of these SEVENTH graders will continue to grow in their faith and serve Christ wholeheartedly!

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